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Rain or Shine Guides on GPSMyCity

We have news! 

We recently partnered with GPSMyCity to help them create walking tours with our content. They solve a problem many travelers have. Say you read a great article about public art around Seattle before you take your trip here. Then when you arrive you either cannot find the article you read or you don't have access to internet to search for it. In addition, even if you have the article, it can be hard to figure out where all the mentioned places are located in a new place. 

GPSMyCity turns a blog/article into a walking tour, with detailed GPS coordinates that take you to the places you read about. Best part? You can download the tours to be accessible offline, so you never have to worry about losing internet and access to your info!

Right now we have our Art From the Center of the Universe blog on GPSMyCity as a free walking tour download! Check it out and see what you think.