Seattle Art From The Center of the Universe

Seattle neighborhoods are similar to the tables in the cafeteria in high school. Everyone has a place they fit in. Belltown is for the Yuppies, Capitol Hill is for the music junkies, and Fremont is for the free spirits. These free spirits/artists/hippies call themselves Fremonsters and they reside in "The Center of the Universe." 

Fremont is one of our favorite neighborhoods in Seattle. It packs an insane amount of culture, food, and activities into a tiny space and as you walk around you will be delighted to stumble upon all the wacky, weird, and incredible art Fremont has placed around its neighborhood. We give you the highlights here:

The Fremont Troll

The most famous piece of art in Fremont, featured in the film 10 Things I Hate About You, is a giant troll who lives under the Aurora Bridge. It is inspired by the nursery rhyme we all know and love, Three Billy Goats Gruff, luckily our troll seems to only eat VW Beetles, not billy goats. 

Photo by  Xurxo Martínez    

Photo by Xurxo Martínez


Waiting for the Interurban

This statue has been an interactive work of art in Fremont since 1979. The five people and the dog waiting for the bus has always been a place where people add to the art for holidays, wedding proposals, and demonstrations. 

Fun Fact: The dog is rumored to represent the unofficial Mayor of Fremont, Arma Napoleon Stepanian, who pioneered the recycling program we now have in Seattle and was then replicated across the nation! 


In the northwest tower of the colorful Fremont Bridge, Rapunzel stands trapped in her tower. Made of neon lights, this piece of art was created by a Fremonster, Rodman Miller, and is a permanent piece in Fremont to inspire your imagination as you cross the bridge.

Topiary Dinosaurs

A while back the Pacific Science Center had a couple topiary dinosaurs it no longer wanted so Fremont bought them for $1 and placed them at the corner of Phinney Ave and 34th (because why not??). They are 66 feet long, weigh 5 tons, and have over 7,000 ivy plants helping them keep their dino form! 

Lenin Statue

Love him or hate him, this statue of Vladimir Lenin is sitting outside Grinders for people to contemplate. It was built in Slovakia and torn down during The Revolution where it eventually made its way to Fremont, Seattle to encourage healthy debates and conversation. In our opinion we doubt there is any place more free than Fremont. Plus locals occasionally dress him in drag.

Late for the Interurban

This statue pays homage to "Patches Pals," a fun-loving kids show that aired for over 20 years on KIRO-TV. Patches and his girlfriend, Gertrude, run in different directions, arms interlocked in this charming piece of art. You can also find a donation box for Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center to give to the children these clowns brought joy to everyday. If that doesn't pull at your heartstrings, we don't know what will, you grinch.

We compiled a walking tour for you to check out all our favorite pieces of art around Fremont, Seattle!

We compiled a walking tour for you to check out all our favorite pieces of art around Fremont, Seattle!