Seattle Smoothies: An Investigation

Ah smoothies. Is there anything easier in the morning than dumping a bunch of fruit into a blender with some milk and turning it into a thick concoction of goodness? We love how you can tailor them to your liking and how easy it is to slip in any other healthy thing you want. Spinach? No problem! Weird powders? Sure, why not! If you add enough fruit, you can't taste any of it! But let's also be real, cleaning the blender can be kind of a pain, so sometimes it's just easier to grab a smoothie somewhere else and leave the cleaning to them. Below is our recommendations for the best places to grab a smoothie around town.


Kitanda's Energy Blast Bowl

Kitanda's Energy Blast Bowl

This Brazilian smoothie shop is known for their acai smoothies and bowls (a smoothie bowl is just a smoothie...in a bowl). The bowls come in a variety of combinations, but the main base is banana and acai, which reminds us, doesn't acai sound like the most pretentious fruit? We know it's a superfood and all, but we sound dumb saying it. Luckily, it's delicious! Anyway, one combination includes granola, coconut water, and dried mango (called Rio de Janiero) or there's one with chocolate sprinkles, coconut, and something amazing called a condensed milk drizzle (called the Festa Bowl). The photo above is the Energy Blast Bowl with banana, strawberry, granola, peanuts, and honey. We love this shop because in addition to smoothies, they also sell Brazilian specialties like cheese bread (!) and chicken cones. They also have a small shop full of imported goods, and you can even buy acai in bulk for creating these babies at home (yes, you'll have to clean the blender).


Jujubeet's Cacao Wow

Jujubeet's Cacao Wow

Jujubeet might mostly be known for their artisanal juices, but it also has a well stocked menu of both healthy foods and smoothies. The extensive menu has everything from sandwiches, soups, crepes, salads, plus coffee and tea. We also love all the wellness shots that are offered such as the Coco Probiotic (kefir, organic coconut water) and the Happy Belly (aloe, pineapple, basil). However, this post is about smoothies not all that other wellness stuff, and Jujubeet makes the list for their Cacao Wow made with almond milk, almond butter, cacao, banana, and protein powder. It tastes just like a chocolate milkshake. But, like, a healthy one.

Verve Bowls

The Beast Mode smoothie bowl from Verve

The Beast Mode smoothie bowl from Verve

Verve Bowls, which is located inside the new Pike Motorworks courtyard in Capitol Hill, has got you covered on all things acai much like Kitanda (above). However, they also have unique pitaya bowls. What is a pitaya, you ask? We had no idea either. Turns out a dragon fruit's real name is pitaya. Whatever you want to call it, it's hot pink, which makes it the best fruit around. Verve Bowls wins all the awards because of the plethora of toppings you can add to any bowl. Matcha, bee pollen, flax, chia, heck, you can even add spinach. We recommend adding peanut butter because duh. Our personal favorite is the Beast Mode pitaya bowl blended with PB, banana, strawberry, house made almond milk, and topped with granola. Walk next door to Stumptown for coffee and you are winning at life.

Sweetgrass Food Co.

Matcha, Matcha, Matcha smoothie

Matcha, Matcha, Matcha smoothie

We find that lots of smoothie places tend to have the same type of ingredients on the menu, which is why we love Sweetgrass. They have unique flavor combinations that we haven't seen many other places. For example, you can get a Good Morning Brew, which is basically a coffee smoothie or a Mexican Morning Avena with oats and pears. Pictured above is the Matcha, Matcha, Matcha smoothie, which comes with, you guessed it, matcha. In addition to the awesome smoothie combinations, you can get smoothie bowls, house made pastries, grain bowls, hot drinks, and bone broth. They also have a tiny shop where you can buy interesting things like brain octane. We aren't exactly sure what this is, but +1 to Sweetgrass for having it.

Healthy Bonez Beverage Co.

HB's Nut Buster Bowl

HB's Nut Buster Bowl

Okay, okay, so Health Bonez isn't actually located in Seattle. You'll have to cross the bridge for this one and head over to the Kirkland/Totem Lake area, but after lusting at their Instagram account for months and months, we knew we had to check it out. And boy did it make the cut! This place, which started as a food truck, now has the cutest, yet simple, brick and mortar. They sell cold pressed juices, which you can get in a growler, and, of course, shakes and smoothies. Their base is "nice-cream" (frozen blended bananas), with a variety of toppings to choose from. We chose the Nut-Buster (peanut butter, banana, pretzels, peanuts, granola) but we also had our eye on the Yam Yam (sweet potato, banana, cashew cream). One thing we know, is that it is 100% worth the trip to the east side at least until they open one in Seattle (please open one in Seattle!). It tasted like a dream, and hard to believe it was good for you.

Seattle Brewery Tour: Georgetown


Georgetown: Seattle's oldest neighborhood and a hot bed of amazing breweries. The rent is cheaper down south and there is more space to brew, which makes this location great for a brewery tour (they are kind of spread out, so you'll want a DD or to plan on a couple Uber/Lyft rides). Grab some friends and head down!

Two Beers Brewing 

With the philosophy, "Life’s a little more honest after two beers," this brewery takes the prize for our personal favorite in Georgetown. Two Beers has been on the scene since 2007 and because of the size of their operation, they have been able to build a pretty amazing taproom compared to other craft breweries. The taproom, named The Woods, has pool, darts, shuffleboard, and a local food truck, Bread and Circuses, has set up shop permanently serving great, greasy food to patrons. They have all their beers on tap along with all the offerings of their sister company, Seattle Cider Co. Plus, dogs are allowed and they have a patio (winning)! There isn't a whole lot they don't offer for someone looking for a cozy place to have a great beer or hang out with friends. 

Our favorite brews: Wonderland Trail IPA and when it's in season their Day Hike Summer Session Ale hits the spot!

Georgetown Brewing

Georgetown Brewing is only a tasting room, so that makes it a different kind of stop on on a brewery tour. Don't get us wrong though, there is a certain appeal to being able to get free beer, even if they are only 2 oz. tasters! Their location is in a large warehouse that also serves as their brewing operation. Walk up the ramp and through the large sliding doors. You can head over to the far end of the counter, show your I.D., and sample up to seven of their beers, without ever taking out your credit card! If you have a growler you can fill it with your favorite pour, but don't expect to be able to catch a buzz or drink a pint at the location. 

Note: On the weekends they are only open until 4:00 PM, so plan accordingly. 

Our favorite brews: Mannys, duh! This is the beer of Seattle and has so many memories attached to it. 

Lowercase Brewing

Lowercase Brewing is located just south of the main drag in Georgetown making it a great spot to stop after exploring the neighborhood. They just opened last year and have a pretty great taproom, equipped with games, a patio, and a comfy couch section for large groups. We are big fans of their beer and their commitment to the community. They also allow dogs and children at their taproom and also serve up their delicious lemonade for any underage guests, which makes it a great spot for families. And to make this brewery even better they hand out free popcorn to help soak up some of the alcohol so that's nice!

Our favorite brews: Their iPA and Honey Wheat win by a landslide, but definitely check out their seasonal tap for rotating goodies.

Machine House Brewery


This spot wins on the list for vibe. Machine House Brewery is located in a portion of the old Rainier Brewery from way back in the day and has giant windows that let in tons of light and a big open taproom that is great for sharing a pint with friends. They brew english-style ales and serve them up in their taproom from rad, old traditional hand pumps. You'll probably notice your beer isn't quite as cold as some others, but don't worry that is traditional as well. Go with it, they know what they are doing here. 

Our favorite brews: Their Golden Ale is good for any occasion, light and refreshing. A great seasonal is their Double IPA, at 9.4% it packs a serious punch and tons of flavor! 

Counterbalance Brewing Company

Counterbalance: The quirkiest of the Georgetown breweries. Their balancing, one legged duck will greet you as you come up the ramp into the industry building that houses their brewing operation. Unfortunately, it isn't a real-life mascot, but it still lends to a pretty fun backdrop to your drinking. Pull up a seat at the bar and get a sampler to experience the wide variety of beers they have on tap. The staff is welcoming and there are games to enjoy. They also let you bring in food from outside places, so we recommend grabbing a pizza to-go from Stellar Pizza beforehand. We really enjoy this spot and hope you will too!

Our favorite brews: The Abigail Blonde Ale is our favorite, but they have some great stouts and IPA's on rotation usually as well! 


FYI: A new spot, Jellyfish Brewing, is set to open sometime this year. Keep an eye out! 

5 Best Cocktails of Pike Place Market

Whether you are a local getting off work at 5:00 PM or a visitor looking for a great drink to unwind after a day of sightseeing, there is no better place in the city to go for a cocktail than Pike Place Market.


We spent the last month sampling drinks at all the restaurants and bars around the market to find the best to recommend. It was trying at times, talking to nice bartenders and sampling different artisan concoctions, but we did it for you, readers, we did it for you.

Left: Rachel's Ginger Beer Boozey Float, Top Right: Jarr Bar El Cochino, Bottom Right: Place Pigalle La Salle

Left: Rachel's Ginger Beer Boozey Float, Top Right: Jarr Bar El Cochino, Bottom Right: Place Pigalle La Salle

Here are our top five cocktails of Pike Place Market:

1. Radiator Whiskey: Guns and Rosemary

This gin-based cocktail is great for any time of year. Bonus points for its name.

2. Jarr Bar: El Cochino

The El Cochino is a hearty vodka cocktail and the chorizo-wrapped pipparas doubles as a nice snack.

3. Place Pigalle: La Salle

This (pink) cocktail is served with a view of Puget Sound. A favorite for the ladies!

4. Jarr Bar: Westside

The Westside is refreshing and light. Cucumber, basil, mint, and lime make it a bright green.

5. Rachel's Ginger Beer: Dark & Stormy Boozey Float

Do ice cream floats count as cocktails? We don't care. It is making this list because it is De-licious. 

Honorable Mention:

Best Bang for Your Buck: El Borracho's El Cheapo

This margarita costs $4 and packs a punch!