Insider's Guide to the Free Samples of Pike Place Market

The market is full of free samples from the local makers. Finding them can be tricky, but these are top notch products, so it's worth it. We are talkin' that Walter White level stuff, the best of the best. They know if you get a little taste you won't be able to stop from coming back for more.

We've compiled a comprehensive list of the spots that offer free samples. We just ask that you spend at least a little money when you visit (these are small business owners after all)!

Ellenos Greek Yogurt - Yogurt (usually lemon curd and marionberry)

Ellenos Greek Yogurt

The best free sample in the entire market. We know you're thinking, "Yogurt? What's the big deal?" Well, go get yourself a free sample and you'll be singing a different tune. We are completely hooked and always have Ellenos on hand for granola in the morning or a sweet snack in the afternoon. 

Britt's Pickles - A Variety of Pickles

Britt's has educated us on the power that is natural fermentation. Apparently the pickles you buy at the store are processed in a way to remove all the awesome vitamins and enzymes in the vegetable. Britt's doesn't stand for that crap. Head over and sample some of their options and taste for yourself! 

Beecher's Cheese - Cheese Curds

Beecher's not only has a huge window display where you can watch them make their cheese, but they also always have fresh cheese samples out. Most commonly found is their flagship cheddar, which is almost as good as their No Woman No Cry. 

Pike Place Fish - Smoked Salmon

Pike Place Fish Smoked Salmon

Watch them toss some fish, oogle the beautiful displays of crab and salmon, strike up a conversation with a monger about the sustainable nature of their business, and then grab a taste of their smoked salmon. It's great with bagels and cream cheese in the mornings, but good enough to eat completely plain.

Market Spice - Cinnamon Orange Tea

Market Spice is right next to Pike Place Fish and offers free Dixi Cups of their famous Cinnamon Orange Tea! We love to sip a sample as we peruse all the beautiful loose tea offerings and see what various tea products we need to add to our growing collection. 

Sosio's Produce - Fresh produce

If you wander down the main arcade odds are you'll notice a bright produce stand on the west side. This is Sosio's and they have amazing fresh produce and always offer up samples. From pears and apples to the occasional exotic options, we never turn down the slices of fruit and a smile from the employees. 

Simply the Best - Apple Chips

Simply the Best Apple Chips

A healthy snack option once you start to feel a little weighted down from all your other samples is a bag of dried fruit from Simply the Best. This wonderful stand is piled high with varieties of dried fruit like pineapple, bananas, and mango. You can usually get a few apples to sample if they aren't busy with other customers. 

Mick's - Pepper Jelly

You might not think of jelly as a big draw, but Mick's friendly staff and unique recipes keeps locals coming back for more. We love their famous pepper jelly, which you can pair with crackers and cream cheese for a yummy snack. 

Pappardelle's Pasta - Chocolate Pasta and various olive oils

Alright, we aren't going to lie, we don't really hit this place up for samples of the pasta... the chocolate pasta isn't thatttt great. It's uncooked and kinda dry, but this stand has been peddling that pasta for a longggg time, so we see it as something you have to check off your list, even if it's just once. The real joy comes from their olive oil stand. Stab some bread, spin the wheel, and get yourself as many of those flavors as possible! Yum.

Chukar Cherries - Chocolate Covered Cherries

This Seattle institution is a great stop for people with a sweet tooth! They take local Washington cherries and other berries and cover them in delicious chocolate. The combinations are almost endless between all the different types of chocolate and fruit. Our favorite are the white chocolate covered blueberries and the milk chocolate truffle cherries! 

La Buona Tavola - Truffle oil

This little shop in on the main street (same as Beecher's) and is always good for some delicious and rich truffle product samples. They always have their olive oils with bread to sample and sometimes if you are lucky you can catch them on a day when they have some of their potato soup with truffle oil on top! 

What are your favorite samples in Pike Place Market? We would love to hear!