A PNW Guide to Sustainable Shopping

We are not preachy people here at Rain or Shine Guides. We know when it comes to sustainability it takes some discipline, and we are all human. We have been known to eat crappy processed food (Read: we break down and eat goldfish crackers all the time), and to drive when riding the bus or walking would be better for the environment (Read: Only when it rains...). 

Lately though, like the rest of the world, we have been trying to take notice and support businesses who think about the health of the planet when producing their goods. Since there is only one known planet we can live on in this universe, and it's the one we are on, we should probably take care of it. That is unless Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk figure out how to move to another planet, which in that case we can all take hour long showers and burn our trash in the backyard.

Since successful billionaire space projects are still a bit doubtful at this point we have put together a list of places you can shop locally (support small business!) that are also sustainable (save the planet!). 

Home and Office

Good and Well Supply Co. creates small batch, soy candles with 100% natural ingredients. Plus they smell like you are sitting in a forest filled with lavender and rainbows.

Coco Beza makes natural and organic skin care products. We particularly enjoy the Rain City soaps. 

Tirto Furniture uses mostly salvaged materials to construct their uniquely stunning furniture. If it isn't recycled materials, then they use sustainable wood.

Pike Street Press is an awesome shop beneath Pike Place Market that creates stellar prints with environmentally friendly methods. And it smells cool.

Food and Drink 

Theo Chocolate is one of the world leaders in promoting organic cocoa beans and Fair Trade practices for the bean farmers. In addition they also do a lot to give back to developing communities that are involved in their growing process.

Pike Place Fish Market is the only fish market in Pike Place Market that is 100% sustainable. Head down and get the guys to throw your fish over the counter and know it is the highest quality.

Ballard Bee Company places beehives around the urban and rural Seattle area and then farms fresh honey from them. You could be eating honey that was from a hive in your neighborhood!

Wei Kitchen specializes in Vietnamese cooking and all their products are 100% homemade, all natural, and use organic and local ingredients whenever possible. Add some serious awesome to your dinner.

Clothing and Beauty

NUBE Green boasts they make "going green a little easier." All products sold in their store are repurposed and organic materials. 

El Sage Designs follows quality and ethical manufacturing practices and also donates 1% of all their profits to various non-profits working to better the planet.

Prairie Underground has comfortable collections with cool lines and unique cuts. Best part? Everything is made from organic materials. Hi-ya!

Proper Northwest wants quality, not quantity when compiling their goods, so they use ethical, local, and sustainable products. 

Specks and Keepings lets you wear your art, with every garment hand sewn and beautifully designed. All textiles are ethically sourced.

Handmade La Conner is a small beauty and skincare shop in the PNW that uses all natural ingredients to make their heavenly-smelling goodies! 

Make It Good is a Portland shop that uses only high quality materials from the good ole U-S-of-A. Bonus? Their stuff is super cute.

For The Family

Adventure Day Treats makes all natural treats as well as toys made from recycled goods. Maggie is a big fan.

Snooterdoots is this strange and amazing company that has made up an entire species to entertain your kids to no end (imagination not included). The felt toys are made in a way that is easy on the environment.

Bootyland Kids says it the best themselves, they are a kids toy and clothing company giving consumers a "space to access products created in a variety of sustainable ways. Including organics, hemp, fair trade, PVC free, locally made, reconstructed, and vintage all with an urban appeal." Nice. 

The Pacific Northwest is FULL of amazing producers who work in a way to minimize their impact on the planet and bring us sustainable products. We know we couldn't name them all in a single post and there are probably a million we don't even know about, so share your favorites with us in the comments!