Room for Change mural

The Backside of the Pike Place Market: Part Two

Last year we got to know all the cool, hidden spots on the backside of Pike Place Market. Since then, there have been some developments that we thought you all would like to hear about! 

First up, the changes.

Spanish Table closed it's doors and moved in with Paris Grocery (it's now the Paris-Madrid Grocery). Billie the Pig found a new home down the street. And there has been a whole lot of construction for the new Marketfront Expansion. 

The Marketfront Expansion is going to be well worth the pesky construction though. With the new market space and some other new businesses coming to the backside of the market this is going to be an even better part of the city to explore!

Marketfront Expansion Project

Pike Place Marketfront Expansion Project

The Marketfront Expansion is in full swing and we can't even tell you how excited we are for all the new businesses that will open in the new space in June! It will include a chocolate factory in indi chocolate), a brewery (Old Stove Brewing), and a restaurant/cannery from Jarr and Co. along with a lot more day stalls for local craftspeople and artists. 

The new space is also set to include a beautiful, open air plaza for locals and tourists to enjoy as well as a new neighborhood center and low income lofts for local artists. 

So what else is new on Western Ave. aka the backside of the market.....

Choukette Eclairs

Choukette Eclairs Pike Place Market

This place is a little pricey, but if you like eclairs they know how to do them right. These light, fluffy filled desserts add a little more diversity to the market's sweets scene. Our favorite flavors are hazelnut praline and caramel.

Paper Feather

Lovely Jennifer Cullin from the Paper Feather

Lovely Jennifer Cullin from the Paper Feather

The Paper Feather isn't new to the block, but we didn't cover them in our last post and this shop is too fun not to know about! Jennifer Cullin is the mastermind and artist behind all the paper crafts and creations here. We covered her in our Meet the Maker series too! 

The Carrot Flower Company

The Carrot Flower Company

This new flower shop compliments the businesses in this stretch of the block perfectly. With Paper Feather making wedding invitations and decor right next door, the back of the market can be your one stop shop for a Pinterest-perfect wedding! 

Room for Change, a mural by Carolina Silva 

Room for Change

This new mural was unveiled on the Pike Place Market Hillclimb and it adds a huge pop of color to the space! 

Multiple panels of repetitive pattern envelope the space, transforming a forgotten place- a mundane passageway- into a vibrant room. Repetitive patterns and hand-traced flowers are recurrent elements in Silva’s recent work; they represent chaos within harmony, or rather harmony within chaos.

That concludes this update for now, but keep an eye out for an extended post this summer reviewing the new Marketfront Expansion opening!