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Thanksgiving Dinner Brought to You By Pike Place Market

I know we put up a big stink about Halloween, but sadly Halloween is over now (yes, if you were curious, we are already brainstorming for next year's costume) so we must look forward to the next holiday that we can stuff our faces and then regret those decisions the next day. Cue Thanksgiving. 

Ok, ok, obviously this is a day that is about more than food. It's about looking around and noticing all the good you have in your life, big and small, and being thankful for those things. Lucky for us one of the things we are thankful for in life is delicious food, so it all comes full circle in the end :) 

To ensure your shopping goes smoothly we've put together a nice list of shops you can hit up in our favorite place, Pike Place Market, to get the goods to prepare a perfect Thanksgiving dinner. We encourage everyone to shop local and hope we can make it a tad easier with this easy-peasy, full-coverage list. 

Here are 13 shops in Pike Place Market to help you build a P-E-R-F-E-C-T Thanksgiving dinner!

First things first, you need to set the table. And you can't have a beautiful table without fresh flowers. 

Pike Place Flowers

Pike Place Flowers is located at the corner of 1st and Pike and has everything you need for a beautiful fall flower arrangement. You can call ahead at 206-682-9797 to have them create something unique for your table. 

Next up you need to keep your guests from getting hangry. This means plenty of snacking food prior to actual dinner. 

Quality Cheese Company

There are a few places to get cheese in the market, but we like Quality Cheese for its small, but diverse selection partnered with the staff that is always willing to help you pick cheeses to create the perfect platter. 

Simply the Best

Simply the Best is located right across from Pike Place Fish and right next to Rachel the Pig. You've probably sampled their delicious dried apples if you frequent the market. These are a perfect, healthy snack that even people on the most stringent of diets can enjoy! We personally love the pineapple and mango.

Chukar Cherries

Chukar Cherries is a PNW favorite. They take boring old fruit and nuts and dip them in delicious, mouth-watering chocolate. So simple, yet so delicious. We recommend the sampler box

And now for the main event... Dinner! 

First things first, no thanksgiving is complete with out...


You thought we were going to say Turkey, didn't you? (That comes later, wine first, always wine first.)


If you ask either of us what our favorite store in the market is, we will both say DeLaurenti. They have so many great things to offer and their wine shop is one of them. Head up the steps in the back of the store (behind the deli and cheese counter) and have the knowledgeable staff help you find a few bottles for your feast! 

If you aren't a wine fan, walk up the block and grab a growler or two at...

Old Stove Brewing Co.

Old Stove Brewing Co. is a new and welcome addition to Pike Place Market! They brew smooth, flavorful beers and have a large enough variety you can get something for everyone! Plus since it's got an old-timey vibe they sell you the beer to go in these super cool crowlers (that is a growler, size small) that are representative of the same time period the brewery is fashioned after! 

Then comes the stuffing...

Three Girls Bakery

You'll probably smell the bread baking before you see the shop window. This place is the oldest continually operating business in the Market and we know why. People love carbs. And Three Girls Bakery excels at making awesome carbs. Buy the rosemary loaf for your stuffing and your family will thank you.

And you won't get very far without spices....

Market Spice

You'll find Market Spice near Pike Place Fish as well (stop here after you grab your dried fruit from Simply the Best). And you can probably follow your nose to this shop as well. The spices and teas are potent and you won't be disappointed with their selection. Anything you want, they have! 

Now for the cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, and roasted veggies...

Choice Produce

Choice Produce is a great produce stand in the market to support. The staff is friendly, they give back to their community in the form of food donations, and they always go out of their way to wave and talk to people passing by. Plus their prices are some of the lowest we've found for certain items. Find them at the entrance of Post Alley off Pike Pl.

And the meal centerpiece....protein! 

Don and Joe's Meats

Don and Joe's is a great example of what Pike Place Market is all about. Family owned and operated since 1924 in Pike Place Market. Don Jr. is still working in the shop, making sure his customers always get personalized and friendly service. You can rest assured they will make sure you have the best turkey for your table! 

Alright you have the turkey, but Thanksgiving is no reason to abandon your PNW roots. Make sure you've got an option for the pescatarian in your group too! 

 Pike Place Fish

Pike Place Fish is the only shop in the market that sells 100% sustainable fish and seafood. No Thanksgiving feast should be devoid of a beautiful salmon fillet with some rosemary and garlic butter. These guys will make sure you have fun filling your order too. Be prepared for shouting/cheering/fish throwing! 

It seems like it should be over. Your stomach is telling you to stop, but your mind knows you can keep going. 

That's right. Dessert. 

A step away from traditional pumpkin pie and our personal favorite!


We have a small (ok, large) obsession with Ellenos yogurt. As does everyone who has ever tried it. It's crack. Best of all, they make a pumpkin pie Greek yogurt that will make your heart sing little pumpkin spice songs. 

Choukette Eclair'art

Want to really show off to your guests? Serve them a seasonal variety of Eclairs from Choukette. Choukette is new to the market and located on Western Ave on the backside of the Market. They have pumpkin, pecan, and praline flavored eclairs that are light, fluffy, and a perfect end to this stomach exploding meal. 

Now it's time for a nap. Night night.