Seattle Art: Henry Murals

Henry (full name Ryan Henry Ward) has been brightening up our city since 2008. How so? With quirky, whimsical murals depicting fantasy characters and wide eyed creatures on colorful backdrops all over the walls of Seattle. He has over 200 murals painted on various surfaces around town and unlike many street artists he always works under the permission of the owner of the wall.

Elephants found at Value Village at  8532 15th Ave. NW

Elephants found at Value Village at 8532 15th Ave. NW

Camel found at Value Village at   8532 15th Ave. NW

Camel found at Value Village at 8532 15th Ave. NW

Space Lizard found in a residential alley at 8016 20th Ave. NW

Space Lizard found in a residential alley at 8016 20th Ave. NW

 If you are trying to find the deeper meaning behind his art you don't have to. This isn't Banksy trying to make you question the decency of humans, Ward stated in a Seattle Pi Interview

"My message is cheerfulness and brightness," Ward said, "and encouraging a fun-loving spirit."

Which is definitely a message we can get behind!

Walrus on a bike found at  8th Ave NW and NW 67th St.

Walrus on a bike found at 8th Ave NW and NW 67th St.

Double camel found on 8th Ave NW

Double camel found on 8th Ave NW

You have probably seen a Henry Mural if you have explored the city much and you might not have known it was one of many created by Henry and if you haven't seen these works of art in person yet, we found a handy-dandy map to start you on your journey!  


While the map is not a complete list, it is a good starting point. We have discovered some of the murals listed on the map have been painted over (sad face), but don't worry the majority are still around!

Interested in buying his art? You can find out more on his website here.

Tree gnome found at  7010 8th Ave

Tree gnome found at 7010 8th Ave

Sasquatch found on Fremont Ave. N.

Sasquatch found on Fremont Ave. N.

Flower details at the Value Village mural

Flower details at the Value Village mural

You'll know it's a Henry artwork by his signature

You'll know it's a Henry artwork by his signature

5 Places to Instagram in the Northwest

The Pacific Northwest has a lot of quirks. As we explore we keep our eyes peeled for unique places that can serve as good photo opps. Check out some of the awesome things we have found in the past months.


The Umbrella Mural in Tacoma, WA, is great for many reasons. 1. Look at it, it's adorable. 2. If you haven't heard, it rains a lot here, so there is nothing more appropriate to paint on a wall than umbrellas. And 3. It leaves room for so many photo opps and ideas. Go get creative with it! 

Find it here: 216 Puyallup Ave, Tacoma, WA 98421

This EAT sign can be found at Shake Shake Shake, a charming diner in Tacoma, WA, which has delicious milkshakes that can put you in a sugar coma. Expert tip: the tables by this sign fill up fast, so go during off hours to snag a winning seat!  

Find it here: 124 N Tacoma Ave, Tacoma, WA 98403

This marquee is located in Downtown Vancouver on the Public Library. The library itself is an impressive building, but this adds a fun flare for photos. 

Find it here: 350 Georgia Street W,  Vancouver, BC, V6B 6B1

Ok, we know, this is a brick wall painted blue. Well you know what, that makes it a (bright) blank canvas for creativity. Go visit and get inspired! 

Find it here: 9127 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA, 98115

This one is popular, but it doesn't take away from its photo charm. It is a wall of gum! Nasty, but super cool for photos. 

Find it here: 1428 Post Alley, Seattle, WA 98101

Chihuly Garden and Glass

Visitors flock to Seattle Center to see Seattle's number one attraction: The Space Needle. Upon arrival most people also notice the beautiful glass sculptures right next door. We want to let you know that this attraction is not to be missed! Dale Chihuly is one of the Pacific Northwest's most famous artists and there is an obvious reason. Simply put, his glassblowing sculptures will stun the pants off of you.

The Garden and Glass exhibition in the Seattle Center is a beautiful combination of new and old and a clear testament to the Pacific Northwest's culture of art and innovation. 

Chihuly, born south of Seattle in Tacoma, WA, creates an amazing variety of large glass sculptures. Many of his creations are hundreds of small pieces placed together to create one large piece. These pieces have to be taken apart to clean one at a time (no bulls are allowed to work in this china shop). He purposefully does not give any sort of map on how to put it back together so that each time the gallery cleans a piece it then takes on a new shape depending on how they piece it back together.

The exhibition is separated into three parts:  the indoor galleries, the Glasshouse, and the Garden. The indoor galleries are incredible. Each room is filled with awe-inspiring exhibits and knowledgeable staff to give you background about each piece. The Glasshouse, our personal favorite, is a large glass building toward the end of the exhibit with a giant statement piece that dwarfs you as you walk in and it hangs over your head. Last, you are released into the Garden to explore the glass sculptures mixed in with the plants and flowers (with the Space Needle looming overhead). 

On a bright day, Chihuly's work adds a spectacular pop of color to Seattle Center and on a rainy day it will brighten even the darkest clouds. It is a don't miss in the city and since it is a stone's throw away from a place everyone usually visits it is an easy addition to the sightseeing tour! The gift shop is also a fantastic place to get great Seattle gifts that are a bit better than your average Sleepless in Seattle t-shirt or Space Needle Snow Globe.


Check out additional details here to learn more about the artist, exhibit hours, and how to buy tickets.