Date Night in the International District

With all the amazing neighborhoods and cool activities to do in Seattle, you think it would be easy to come up with new adventures for date night. But, you know, sometimes you're stuck in a rut. You've been to all the usual spots and need something different. We're here to help! Whether you are meeting up with friends, on a first date, or just need a night on the town with your honey, the diverse and interesting International District is a great place to go. Here are our recs for putting together a night out in the ID.

Activity: Imperial Foot Massage

Imperial Foot Massage

A massage on a date? Why not! This place is a prize spot in Seattle and needs to be put on your radar immediately. For $27 you can get an hour long, full body massage. Now, this isn't like your typical massage. You will not be served cucumber water and given a luxurious bathroom to change into a fuzzy robe. You will be ushered into a large room filled with other patrons getting massages. You'll stay fully clothed and sit in big pedicure-style chairs that leans back while the masseuse works you over from head to toe spending extra time on your feet. Please note: this is not for the faint of heart. You might wake up fairly sore the next day as they don't hold back. There might have been a few times we wanted to tear up. But for $27, we say who cares! Breathe through it. It's good for you. We also recommend making a reservation as this place is catching on and getting popular.

Other great date activities: Wing Luke Museum, International District Food Tours (daytime only), Pinball Museum, Karaoke 

Dinner: Dong Thap

Beef and Meatball Pho/Pork Bun Cha with spring rolls

Beef and Meatball Pho/Pork Bun Cha with spring rolls

Sure, there maybe are nicer places you could take a date, but we love this Vietnamese restaurant for their homemade noodles! You would be surprised at how much those chewy, thick, delicious noodles elevate the soup. You have never tasted a bowl of Pho like this before! We also recommend ordering the Bun Cha, which is a bowl of rice noodles topped with peppery grilled pork, lettuce, spring rolls and covered in a lovely fish sauce. It tastes crazy authentic and fresh. They also have a "Superbowl Challenge" where you can attempt to eat a bowl of pho containing four pounds of noodles, four pounds of meat, and four liters of broth. We don't recommend doing this on your date unless, of course, it's a first date that isn't going well and then you can eat the entire bowl, making yourself sick, and go home.

Other great dinner spots in the I.D.: Tamarind Tree, Green Leaf, Tai Tung

Drinks: Fort St. George

Fort St. George

The best part about drinking in the ID is that the cocktails are stiff AF. This Western/Japanese style pub is a bit hidden, you'll find it in the top of an office building. Look for the neon sign in the window. It's the perfect after-dinner drink spot as it is a bit of a dive but in a good, non-scary way. They have a short cocktail list plus your usual liquors and beers. They also have four sakes (hot or cold) to choose from. We like to get a large house sake and a Sapporo! If you are still hungry and need a snack, we recommend the flaming dried squid, which literally comes flaming to your table --uh COOL ,right?! 

Other great drink spots in the I.D.: the bar at Ocean Star (formally Sun-ya), Dynasty Room at Four Seas

Dessert: Dole Whip at Go Poke

Dole Whip at Go Poke

Have you guys heard about this Dole Whip business? Apparently this dessert is at Disney theme parks and has a huge cult in people wait in line forever to get this pineapple flavored soft serve treat. Well, lucky for you, you don't have to go to Disney, you can get it at Go Poke (add an extra $7 if you want the souvenir glass). You can also get a Dole Whip float, which is served with pineapple juice. Go Poke closes at 8pm, so plan your date accordingly.

Other great dessert spots in the I.D.: shaved ice at Bambu, bubble tea at Gossip, Taiyaki from Uwajimaya

Alright, go and have a great date night! Expect more neighborhood date night posts to come in the future.