Fremont Solstice Festival: Where Naked People Ride Bicycles at Seattle's Free Spirit Salute to The Sun

All are welcome!

All are welcome!

Who doesn't want to see naked people, incredibly painted, riding bicycles down a public street? I mean really, even the most prudish person has got to be thinking, "But isn't that uncomfortable, where do all their bits go?!" and you want to know how you find out, by going to the Fremont Solstice Festival.

This three day festival running June 17-19 has something for everyone. There is music, tons of local craft vendors for shopping unique items, a parade for the naked bike riders, dogs (separate parade, dogs are always naked so that wouldn't be as entertaining), and food galore (seriously, SO MUCH FOOD).

The Naked Bike Parade is actually called the Solstice Parade since it does include incredibly constructed floats, groups of dancers, talented musicians, many costumes and other fun things, but we decided to rename it Naked Bike Parade, because let's be honest, the naked bike riders is why 99.9% of people are attending the parade. The body paint on some of these people is insane! There are entire galaxies painted on groups of people, Seahawks team uniforms, mermaids, and more. The creativity is endless, and you honestly forget about the bodies and just admire the talent it took to create some of them.

Of course some people half-ass the paint jobs, we are looking at you Dalmatian/Cow/? and then there are some people who just like to be naked and don't put any paint on (#FreeTheNipple, amiright?!?).

The bike riders kick off the parade (at 3pm on Saturday, June 18!) and then the floats come after, which are usually very liberal (did we mention Trump supporters aren't allowed at this festival?) and creative. After the parade go hit the beer garden and see some shows on one of the music stages. We also recommend coming hungry. Serious eaters will plan their time in order to be there over two meal times to maximize the potential for eating.