Seattle Neighborhoods: Greenwood

Bus stop art

Bus stop art

Seattle has a crazy amount of cool neighborhoods. There are the big hitters, Fremont, Ballard, Capitol Hill. Then there are the ones that fly a bit more under the radar, but have just as much, if not more, to offer. Phinney Ridge, Ravenna, Georgetown, and the one we are featuring today, Greenwood. 

In March many of you probably heard about the tragic gas leak that lead to an explosion that completely demolished three businesses in Greenwood and damaged dozens of other businesses in the surrounding area. After the explosion, stories of kindness and compassion started to spread. Coyle's owner, Rachel, firing up her kitchen to bake for the first responders. Muralists came and painted the ugly plywood that covered so many broken windows and doors to bring some vibrancy to a dismal situation. Countless Seattleites donated funds to get the Greenwood neighborhood back on their feet. 

Now, almost 6 months later, Greenwood is going strong and although it is missing 3 staples, there are still a ton of amazing businesses up and down Greenwood Ave. that have earned their stripes as Seattle establishments. And a few other newbies that have wiggled their way into our hearts too! 

Let's start at the north end of Greenwood Ave and work our way south through our favorite spots! 

North Star Diner

Get your greasy breakfast/lunch/dinner/late night here! It isn't anything to write home about, but it might remind you of home and sometimes that hits the spot. 

Hounds Tooth Public House

Full transparency: we know the owner. This is your spot to get some safe bar food and a good stiff drink while you watch the game. The staff is friendly and they have a great happy hour. Also, we have to mention one menu item: Frito Pie. If you don't know what this is, you haven't lived. 

Flying Bike Brewery

Flying Bike Brewery

Flying Bike Brewery

This is not only a Greenwood favorite, it is one of our favorite breweries in Seattle. It is a coop, which is awesome and results in super original and diverse beers on tap AND the staff is so friendly. Grab a pint, order some loaded fries from Munch Cafe (located next door, served to your table), and grab a board game for the table! Handicap accessible, dog and kid friendly! Everyone is welcome, go! 

Naked Brewing

This is your big hitting brewery in the neighborhood. Full restaurant with a huge draft list (RoS Tip: Quittin' Time IPA) for your drinking pleasure! They also have a large event room where they screen films and host events. Check out the calendar here

Luna Azul tacos and margaritas!

Luna Azul tacos and margaritas!

Luna Azul

This is the place in Greenwood for authentic, homemade, delicious Latino food. Their happy hours = yes. Their tacos = YES, and their margaritas = YESSSS. The prices are low so you can try a bunch! 

Teacher's Lounge

This place is our favorite to grab a cocktail in Greenwood. The owners will create you something original if you ask, but their menu is great too if you don't like surprises. The bar's theme will bring you back to your days in elementary school and the scoop of cookie dough you can order off their menu will be the icing on the cake!

The cool, torn walls of Gainsbourg

The cool, torn walls of Gainsbourg

Gainsbourg's poutine

Gainsbourg's poutine


This is a dark, romantic french spot that we love for their great small plates. You can sample so much delicious food for a great price and their cocktails go spot on with the atmosphere. 

Space Travel Supply Co.

Space Travel Supply Co.

Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co.

This is a unique shop on Greenwood Ave. Walking past you wouldn't know it was devoted to mentoring Seattle youth to become better communicators. Sales from their storefront help support their tutoring programs to help kids read and write. The swag is cool and the cause is right, don't miss this spot!

Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe

This coffee shop has delicious sweet and savory options and a great philosophy around food we definitely feel we can get behind. We love the honesty! The soul-warming coffee doesn't hurt either! 

Great selection at Couth Buzzard Books

Great selection at Couth Buzzard Books

Couth Buzzard Books Espresso Bueno

You might not venture into this place without an invitation (the name is weird, we know), but we are here to tell you that it is a gem! They offer a great selection of new and used books. There is a LEGIT cafe inside and their events calendar is full of programs they host to support the Seattle community and their creativity. 5 stars.

The Yard

The Yard is our go to when we want some patio dining. It is a bar/mexican joint and they have a cool ambience (think communal tables, exposed brick, rough around the edges kinda place), decent menu, and good drink selection. 

Coyle's Bakeshop

This place started in our favorite bookstore, Book Larder, and eventually found its permanent home on Greenwood Ave. We have no doubt (and also pray) that this will be a place we can go to in Seattle for decades to come. Why are we so confident? The owner, Rachel Coyle, merged a croissant with a pretzel (name: cretzel) and if that wasn't enough she created apricot mustard to pair with it. It's famous, it's delicious, and it's instagramable. What more do you need for a long and prosperous business life these days? Ok, but seriously, everything in this bakery is beautiful and mouthwatering-delicious. It is one of the best and it shouldn't be missed. 

And a few others, right off Greenwood Ave, that are worth the teeny tiny detour! 


Home of the Baby Burrito! Gorditos boasts "healthy mexican food" but we doubt if you eat their entire Burrito Grande (literally the size of a newborn baby) your body will thank you. We usually go with the chicken nachos or the smaller burritos. 

The Cozy Nut

This is a relatively new spot in Greenwood, but every neighborhood needs one of these bars. It's cozy, classic, and has Rainer for cheap. Come as you are, with your group of friends, pull up some chairs and throw some back. 

Taproot Theatre

This intimidate theatre always has spot-on, quality performances (plays and musicals!) and is a great place to experience Seattle culture without the big price tag. While you might feel a little squished in the seats, we love that the actors move throughout the theater and audience, which really draws you in to the performance. There is a little cafe next door where you can get beer and wine before and after the show.

Greenwood boasts one of our favorite  Henry  murals

Greenwood boasts one of our favorite Henry murals