Our 5 Favorite Travel Blogs

We love to travel. We live to travel. It's a basic need that we must fulfill at this point. Today we wanted to share some of the blogs that inspire and help us with these endeavors. So, besides the obvious one, Rain or Shine Guides, the worlds best travel guide to all that is the PNW, here are our favorite travel writers! 

This American Girl

Camille Willemain is a female travel writer who has amazing travel advice for places like Costa Rica, India, and countries in Southeast Asia. She also has a pretty cool perspective on life that we can appreciate. She, like so many, used to try to find happiness through material objects. One day she realized she was done with that lifestyle, packed her bags, and moved to Costa Rica. Boss move, Camille. Respect.

One of our favorite posts? This one on how not to get food poisoning while traveling. If you are a traveler with a sensitive stomach we recommend trying out her suggestion!

The Borderless Project

This blog is great for travellors who like to travel cheap and see things off the beaten path. They specialize in South America, but go other places as well! The creators, Megan and Henry, met at The World Cup in Rio, hit it off, and have been traveling and documenting ever since. They have a fun and honest way of writing that we enjoy and their videos are great too! 

 One of our favorite posts? This packing guide to Machu Picchu! We had a million questions when we went and this post covers it all! 

Trans World Expedition

This blog is no longer maintained, but for a year in 2009 Nicholas Rapp recorded his adventure as he drove around the entire world in his 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser. His trip was unique and amazing in so many ways and it's fun to get lost in his archives. He breaks down his entire budget, how he outfitted his car for living and all of his adventure and mis-adventures along the way. He is now a freelance designer.

One of our favorite posts? We love his time spent in Africa for so many reasons. 

The Wanderlust Chronicles 

These two Aussie travelers are wonderful at photographing and giving tips and details of their travels ALL over the globe. When we decide where we are headed on our next trip, we always check out their blog to see what resources they might have for that particular location. 

One of our favorite posts? This one on driving the Great Ocean Road in Australia gave us some serious travel lust! 

The Everywhereist

To say we are envious of Geraldine DeRuiter's life would be an understatement. She is hilarious, smart, and gets to travel the world as her job because she is such an amazing writer. Her posts make us laugh out loud and her brutal honesty is so refreshing. It is one we bookmark and read consistently, we recommend you do as well; it's good for the soul! 

One of our favorite posts? The German in both of us pine for everything in this ode to Bavarian food post.