White Center Mexican

White Center: Seattle's Mexican Food Mecca

White Center is the home of Seattle's most authentic (and cheap) Mexican food. If you are a lover of food from our southern neighbor then you MUST plan a visit for lunch/dinner and bring a big appetite. Oh, and cash, don't forget cash either. 

All the best food is sold to-go, so follow along and we will get you everything you need for a great, big, Mexican meal and a picnic table to eat it at (or you could take it home, but we doubt you'll want to wait).

Tamales at Carniceria El Paisano 

Your first stop needs to be this little grocery store/butcher shop. It's next door to another Mexican food place and at first glance it might look like you're in the wrong place since it's a grocery store, but trust us, you're not! Head to the register in the back and you'll see a large silver pot. The goodies are inside!


They offer three kinds of tamales, rajas (cheese and jalapeño), and two pork options, mild and spicy. Our favorites are the rajas and spicy pork. They also have fresh salsa and pan leche, along with tons of other great sundries. Feel free to stock up! 

Roasted Corn @ Roasted Corn Stand


Alright, now walk half a block down to the Roasted Corn Stand. This is going to be the highlight of your trip. This roasted corn is amazing. Seriously. They serve it a variety of ways, but obviously if you want to keep with your dinner theme you should get the Mexican (#2). They basically take your corn, cover it in mayo, and then douse it in cojita cheese and chili powder. Mmmmm! You can get it on the cob or cut off into a cup if you prefer the clean way of eating it (the messy corn on the cob is so much more fun though). This place only accepts cash, so plan accordingly -- each cob runs $3. 

Tacos @ Taqueria La Fondita


Alright, now for your final stop. Walk about 10 feet to your right and order your main course. The taco plates from this little taco truck are to die for. We can't recommend anything other than the carnitas. They are so juicy and flavorful you'll be begging for their recipe. How do they make the pork taste so tender and delicious?! We don't know, but we're hooked, that's for sure. Obviously you should top off this amazing meal with a sugary Jarritos (why not at this point, right?). 

And now you have your full meal.

There are several picnic tables under an enclosure for customers to hang out and enjoy their food right next to Taqueria La Fondita. Spread out your goods and chow down!