St. Patricks Day

Seattle St. Patrick's Day Pub Crawl

Rejoice, the calendar has brought around another holiday devoted to drinking. We will dye the beer green, and in some really Irish cities, we will dye large bodies of water green as well.* 

[Green heart + Beer mugs clinking]

[Green heart + Beer mugs clinking]

If you are planning on going out and toasting a delicious green lager to your Irish brethren and St. Patrick for all he did** we have put together a downtown Seattle Pub Crawl that is guaranteed to show you a good time. 

First stop, Fado. 810 1st Ave. Seattle, WA 98104

Doors open at 7:30 AM for "Kegs and Eggs." If you aren't there with a beer in hand, well then you just aren't fully committed to this holiday. Live entertainment all day plus a cool atmosphere makes Fado one of the best spots in the city to "Paddy hard."

Next up, Owl N Thistle. 808 Post Ave. Seattle, WA 98104

Just down the alley is your next bar, Owl N Thistle. This one is the smallest and dirtiest, but that might make it the best. Live music starts at 1:30 PM, so mosey on over after you've drank your way through lunch at Fado.

End the tour at Kells. 1916 Post Alley Seattle, WA 98101

People come from all over the world for Kells' St. Patricks Day so be ready for crowds. The good thing is, everyone is usually drunk before mid day, so you are bound to make some friends! This party keeps going until the early morning so come prepared for a late night.

*Is that bad for the water? We always wonder but never want to be Debbie Downers on our Chicago friend’s Instagram posts, so we just always put the green heart emoji with a beer clinking emoji.

**Let’s be honest no one knows who St. Patrick is. Luckily we have Wikipedia. Keep reading, it gets really interesting when he banishes all the snakes from Ireland.