Salish Lodge and Spa: A Relaxing and Rejuvenating Weekend Getaway

We all love to get out of the city every once in a while. Luckily in our area it's fairly easy to do. We are surrounded by remote, beautiful landscapes full of small, quaint towns. Snoqualmie is no secret; it's a great place to visit and slow down for a weekend, but what I think a lot of people don't know is it shouldn't be treated as a day trip. Oh, no. Because nestled above Snoqualmie Falls is Salish Lodge and Spa and it's an attraction in itself. Book a night and experience the history and beauty of the area. We promise you won't regret the decision. 

Here's why. 

Every room comes with the guarantee of relaxation. 

If you look up relaxation in the dictionary, it will basically say, "Why are you reading this dictionary, go to Salish and you'll know what relaxation means." It won't... but seriously, just wait you are going to be so relaxed. 

Almost every room at the lodge comes with a view of the Snoqualmie River. Every room has a jetted bathtub and goose down feather bedding. Every room has a fireplace that burns real wood. This gives off an amazingggg smell of firewood. Oh, and the rooms also come with either a balcony or a window seat, which means fresh air and waterfall sounds. See? Told ya. 

The staff are wonderful and they truly love the place they work. 

No one wants to get to their relaxing hotel getaway and have a "too cool for school" hipster staring back at them. Leave that in Seattle and arrive at a place that is happy. Salish is full of people who are proud to work in a place of esteem and history. Smiles and good humor are in abundance, which makes visiting that much more enjoyable. 

The restaurants on the premise are full of delicious food and beverages.

Salish has two amazing restaurants. The main restaurant, The Dining Room, serves up PNW fare in a stylish dining room. The best seats in the house overlook the falls, giving you the opportunity to eat your country breakfast or pan seared pacific cod while enjoying a great view. The bar in Salish, dubbed The Attic for its top of the line views from the peaks of the lodge, is great for more low-key dining. Grab a flatbread and the famous honey hopped ale for a casual night... wait for it... enjoying the view. 

honey ale on tap at Salish Lodge

The spa seems to be a place you could go to and then die happy.

Getting the "spa level" package when you stay at Salish will take your experience to a whole new level. Their therapeutic soaking pools and full suite of spa services will leave you zen AF. 

The soaking pools at Salish are calling your nameeee. Photo cred: Salish Lodge and Spa

The soaking pools at Salish are calling your nameeee. Photo cred: Salish Lodge and Spa

They are committed to the environment. 

In 2011, Salish decided to commit part of their property to start an apiary for honeybees. They've now tripled their hives and these bees pollinate 80% of their flowering crops and provide the lodge with their (now famous) honey. They also have an 800 sq. ft garden that provides the on site restaurants with organic, locally-raised produce. #HealthyLiving

Even the breakfast comes with a bit of history.

Salish has been around since 1916, which means it has a teeny bit of history attached to it. Back then it was just a small eight cabin lodge offering a place to stay and a big breakfast for travelers about to head through the mountains. Now it's a beautiful, award winning hotel that is a popular destination for travelers near and far. Be sure to appreciate the native art that decorates your room and the wood-burning fireplaces.

Salish Lodge back in the day! 

Salish Lodge back in the day! 

Salish's best tradition happens in The Dining Room -- The Country Breakfast. Prepare your stomach and you'll walk away a happy camper. It's a four course breakfast that will take you at least an hour and half to finish, but it comes with a history of nourishing hungry travelers and the last course gets you a healthy serving of the local honey. Definitely well-worth the price tag. 

Who doesn't love a good waterfall? 

When you stay at Salish you literally sit right on top of one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Washington State. At 268 feet, Snoqualmie Falls is truly a sight to see. The park that is built around it offers great views and a nice history lesson. Don't forget to watch out for the Peregrine Falcons that nest nearby. And also the selfie sticks, those things come out of nowhere. 

The gift shop is on POINT.

We do our christmas shopping here because it is full of all the best goodies. This isn't a place you go to buy a tacky t-shirt and an orca stuffed animal. It's the real deal. Think luxurious bath bombs, beautiful ornaments, and the best honey products made with love from the Salish honeybees. You'll want to budget to leave behind some of your weekend spending money here. 

honey from Salish Lodge

Check out our post "5 Things to Check Out in Snoqualmie, WA" for ideas if you have time to kill.

Have you stayed at Salish Lodge? We would love to hear your favorite memories and tips in the comments! 

5 Things To Check Out In Snoqualmie, WA

Snoqualmie. The first town name that visitors have to learn to pronounce correctly, right up there with Issaquah and Tulalip. All our neighboring towns have something in common besides their unique Native American names, they also all have great attractions to draw you out of the bustling city. Snoqualmie is our favorite, simply because it has such a variety of things to experience for people of all ages. It is a great town to take family visiting from out of town, head to for a date night, or simply a day with friends. 

1. Check out Snoqualmie Falls - Alright, we have to get the most obvious out of the way first. It's worth the hype (unless we are having a dry season and then it's just like any other waterfall). It's a free attraction, which is always a plus, and the viewing deck is accessible (bring on the strollers and wheelchairs). It has a great review of the history, and you can also hike down to the base of the falls for some really spectacular views to compliment the ones from the viewing deck.

Insider Tip: Go hungry and grab lunch after at Salish Lodge's bar, The Attic. It is right next to the falls so you can just pop in after. The views are kind of awesome. 

The real deal: a steam engine train

The real deal: a steam engine train

2. Visit the Northwest Railway Museum and Ride the Train - This one isn't for everyone. The steam engine is a cool piece of history, and since it is old and authentic, it goes very slowly and the trip is not through a particularly stunning part of the country side. That being said, if you aren't too cool for school, ride the train! It's fun and you get to experience a piece of history in a real way. In addition to the train, you can visit the museum at the train depot. It's small, but if you are interested in the history of the area or love trains, stop in.

Sugary crack.  Photo via mrslemontea Instagram

Sugary crack. Photo via mrslemontea Instagram

3.  Grab some ice cream at Snoqualmie Falls Candy Factory - if it's a hot day or you have kids in the group this a great place to stop in for a snack. They have candy, popcorn, and a good selection of ice cream to give you a little (or big) sugar kick. There is a chalkboard wall for kids to enjoy and seating outside for soaking up some sun. 

Sigillo Cellars has a cute atmosphere and great staff! 

Sigillo Cellars has a cute atmosphere and great staff! 

4. Enjoy a wine tasting at Sigillo Cellars - This tasting room is easy to locate and convenient to get to and has friendly service and delicious Washington wine. You can stop in for a short visit or long, depending on what you want. We personally recommend spending some time here (are you surprised? We loves the wine). You can sample all the wine (and then some), have some food, and enjoy the live music they have on most weekends! In the summer the outdoor patio with views of Mount Si make for a perfect night. 

See, that's what we are talking about!  Photo via Nyonyoge Instagram

See, that's what we are talking about! Photo via Nyonyoge Instagram

5. Try not to lose all your money at Snoqualmie Casino - It's new and shiny and you can gamble. I don't really think we have to add many more details here except maybe an additional disclaimer to be careful gambling, you are not Rainman and never, ever will be. 

Sidenote: Are we the only people who associate this place with very overplayed tagline? "Seattle's Closest Casino!" Why is that the selling point? Are people who gamble frequently also lazy and do not like to drive? Is it because you will stay here until the buttcrack of dawn and want to drive home quickly to pass out in your piles of money? If you want us to come to your casino tell us about your awesome fountains and sparkly decor, also the buffet.. draw us in with crab legs!

Ok, sorry. Rant over. Other than the sub-par casino tagline, Snoqualmie is a fantastic place to visit! Let us know if you have other favorites in town in the comments below.