Pike Market Food Bank

Give More Than Season's Greetings This Year

The holiday season is here. We are now deeply immersed in holiday decorations, giant red SALE signs, and what seems like infinite plays of "Baby It's Cold Outside". It's easy to get caught up in all the twinkly lights and shiny new things that December promises, and it's fine, we love new things just as much as the next person, but we also think its important to not lose sight of what's truly important. Taking care of each other, giving back, sharing our good fortune with those who aren't as lucky. These are things we all need to focus on this time of year (as well as the other 11 months). 

We were lucky enough to get the opportunity recently to spend a day volunteering at Pike Market Food Bank and it reminded us of this. It was a bittersweet feeling, spending the day working to help provide something so important for people in need. And wow, the need is there. It is shocking how many people don't know where their next meal will come from in Seattle. It's amazing and humbling to see/hear how many organizations donate food to the food bank and it's down right mind-blowing how much this single location hands out every week.

The Market Food Bank does a great job of giving volunteers a full picture of their services. We started the morning off delivering grocery bags of food to local residents of Market senior housing (55+) community who can't make it down to the food bank.

From there we grabbed 8 large boxes and a hand cart and went around the market collecting food donations from many of the market stalls and shops (we listed the full list of donors below, feel free to give them your business). The generosity of the market to donate in order to feed the community was a really uplifting thing to see. 

For the remainder of our shift we worked the "grocery line". Helping hand out donated items to people who had arrived to get food.  By the end of the shift the full bins of eggs, milk, bread, and produce were depleted. The Food Bank had supplied over 300 people with groceries that would nourish them and their families. 

This is what we should be giving during the holiday season. Our time, our service, and our hearts. 

Le Panier donates delicious pastries

Le Panier donates delicious pastries

Pike Place Market businesses who donate to the food bank:

  • 3 Girls Bakery 
  • Seattle Bagel Bakery 
  • Storyville Coffee 
  • Sosio's Fruit & Produce 
  • Lina's 
  • Manzo's 
  • Mama Angelina's 
  • Choice Produce
  • Frank's 
  • Corner Produce
  • Pear Delicatessen
  • Beecher's
  • Michou 
  • Le Panier 
  • Honest Biscuits 
  • Starbucks