Steepest Street in Seattle

If you are a local you are familiar with the joy of Seattle streets and if you are visiting and plan on renting a car, let's just say you were warned. It can be overwhelming to try and navigate our crazy shaped neighborhoods, but it is also something that gives Seattle some of its charm. 

A while back we were doing some research and found out the steepest street in Seattle is E. Roy St. in Capitol Hill Between 25th and 26th Ave. E. We obviously had to go check it out seeing as this is something right up our alley, a quirky, little-known spot in the city. With a 26% slope it becomes pretty hilarious/terrifying to visit. Once you arrive it is so fun to look at all the houses built on this massive hill and imagine how awesome these residents' calf muscles must be. 

If you want some other things to do when you go check it out we also recommend the Haunted Coke Machine (written about on the blog here) or grabbing a bite to eat at Cafe Flora or for a sweet snack Hello Robin (Mackles'more and Birthday Cake are our favs).