Your Ultimate Father's Day Guide

Actual Rain or Shine Guide Dad

Actual Rain or Shine Guide Dad

Father's Day is coming people (Sunday, June 19 for those of you who forgot)! Even though it is after Mother's Day, it is still important. I mean, he didn't have to physically give birth to you, but he still probably did some nice stuff over the years. We've compiled a list for you to successfully wow dad into loving you the most (it is a competition, don't let your sibling tell you differently). 

Best Restaurants

Ray's Boathouse is dining with a decent view (you know, only 30 feet of waterfront bar seating with views of the perfect Puget Sound). Their seafood is delicious, their service is friendly, and seriously, the view is unreal. Dad will love their cocktails too :) 

Dahlia Lounge is that place in town for a good steak, but for other good food too. So if dad wants a juicy cut of red meat, but other people in the family don't, head to Dahlia and order anything, literally anything, on the menu. 

Chandler's is famous for their local Dungeness Crab, but any of their other 20 crab dishes are worth the price tag too. Plus, they have unique views of Lake Union. 

And for the casual dad, Royal Grinders makes a mean sandwich and serves up delicious ice cream too! Spend the afternoon at the Solstice Parade (see below) after you are so full you want to die.

Best Activities

Snoqualmie Falls is a great day trip out of Seattle. 

Snoqualmie Falls is a great day trip out of Seattle. 

A ride on the antique steam engine is a treat for all ages. 

A ride on the antique steam engine is a treat for all ages. 

America's Car Museum in Tacoma, WA is any gearheads dream. They have an exhibit right now featuring the Hot Rods of Route 66. 

Snoqualmie Falls is a fun family outing, especially during the beautiful summer months! The Northwest Rail Museum is conveniently down the road for a second stop that dad will love. Plan your visit according to the train schedule because no trip is complete without a ride on the steam engine.

The Museum of Flight is a place everyone has to visit in Seattle, so if you haven't yet, hit it up! If you've already been and loved it, we recommend driving up to Everett, WA to visit the Flying Heritage Museum. This collection of planes is primarily from WWII and provides a lesson in the history of aviation different than what you gain from the Museum of Flight. 

Your Dad will love all the wacky Fremont Solstice events

Your Dad will love all the wacky Fremont Solstice events

Fremont Solstice Festival has a great stage on Father's Day, particularly the Seattle Rock Orchestra from 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM. Take dad to jam out and don't forget to go hungry and thirsty to take advantage of all the awesome vendors that will pack the area! 

Best Gifts

Seattle Thread Company is a local men's fashion company that sells only the best. This shirt is calling your dad's name ($145). 

This Shippu Santoku Knife ($139) is a chef's best friend. Prep vegetables, meats, or fish with this beauty. 

Help him track his fitness goals with the stylish new Fitbit Blaze ($245). Pair it with this sleek watch band (137.17) and we guarantee he will be the sexiest dad around (ok, we aren't going to guarantee that, but with "Dad Bod" taking the world by storm it is a lower bar to hit).

No Seattle Father can have too many Seahawks items. Get him a new shirt ($27.99) or if you want to really go big, an autographed Marshawn Lynch football ($279). Be sure he is sitting down when he opens that, we aren't responsible for any harm that may come if he isn't.

And if you really love him...

Photo from  Lily

Photo from Lily

Meet Lily. The coolest drone around for the coolest dad around. Throw her into the air and she will follow you and film all your adventures whether that is rafting, biking, fishing or partying at a summer BBQ. 

Alright, we release you! Good luck and god speed. May the best sibling win.