Seattle Secrets: Waterfall Garden Park

When you think of UPS, what comes to mind? Brown uniforms. Legally Blonde. Mail Delivery. What doesn't come to mind? Waterfalls. 

Except for the people of Seattle. If you live in Seattle you associate UPS with a tranquil waterfall garden. 

Say What?! 

Ok, fun little history lesson starts now. UPS was founded in a Seattle basement in 1907 by Jim Casey and Claude Ryan. Then (spoiler) UPS became kind of a big deal. Today more than 407,000 people work for UPS, and we would bet quite a few of them don't know they have a beautiful waterfall park dedicated to them in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Seattle.

That's right, Jim Casey built a tiny, but amazing park in Seattle in 1978 to honor all of the people who have worked for UPS. It is maintained by the Annie E Casey Foundation (named in remembrance of Jim Casey's mother. Is anyone else thinking how good of a guy Jim must have been?) and is a true hidden gem of Seattle. You can find it on the corner of 2nd Avenue South and South Main Street in Pioneer Square. 

Right in the middle of everything for all the city folks to enjoy!

Right in the middle of everything for all the city folks to enjoy!

You will hear the rushing water from the 22-foot waterfall before you see the park. When you find the entrance you will be guided into a small garden with two-tiers. There is usually plenty of seating available so feel free to come with your coffee or lunch and sit with a friend enjoying the peaceful sound of the water instead of the normal construction sounds we are all so used to.