Film Photobooths Around Seattle

Photobooths are hot right now. They are at every wedding, every street fair, and company holiday party. They are so popular they are starting to lose their luster. But there are several spots around Seattle that were doing photobooths before they were cool. And even better, they were doing photobooths before they were digital. We are sending you on a mission. Go experience at least one of these classic, film photobooths! You won't be disappointed. They are dripping with old-timey charm! 

The photobooth at Archie McPhee

The photobooth at Archie McPhee

Our 5 favorite Seattle film photobooth locations

Archie McPhee is one of our favorite stores in Seattle and their film photobooth is half the reason why. They let you use all their wacky props and masks in the booth so your creativity game will be on point! 

Cha Cha Lounge is a dark, slightly scary, but mostly just quirky bar in Capitol Hill with a film photobooth in an obscure back corner in the basement! It is by the bathrooms and the vending machine, go hunt it down on a Tuesday and then stay for Trivia! 

Unicorn might possibly be the most entertaining bar in Capitol Hill. If you get bored here there is something wrong with you. They have a full game room with Skee Ball (weee!) and a photobooth. The menu alone can keep you going for hours with cocktails like the Banana Hammock and Unicorn Jizz. 

Orange Dracula is located in Pike Place Market on lower level 3 and is home to a bunch of stuff you don't need but will want to buy anyways. They also have Pac-Man and pinball and most importantly, a film photobooth! 

Montana not only has a photobooth, but it is also one of the best dive bars in town. They have cheap drinks, friendly service, and picklebacks. Picklebacks are God's gift to drinking, so if you haven't had one and you enjoy drinking, you should probably hit this place up! Please note: their photobooth is an antique, which means sometimes it is Out of Order. Have patience, if it is meant to be, it will be! And last time we were there, they had cowboy hats to use in the booth. Yes!

These are just a few of the photobooths we have visited around the city. You can see a fairly large list on if you want to explore some others, but make sure to click through on each location to see if there have been updates of closures; some of these photobooths once were, but have disappeared since.