Welcome to Rain or Shine!

Experts On All Things Food,* Drink,** and Adventures***

*usually the kind that is bad for you.

** no discrimination allowed.

***any and all kinds, big or small, indoor or outdoor, rain or shine.


Welcome to our happy website, perfectly constructed by imperfect people. Please, let us introduce ourselves.


Kristina Knaus, usually found with her nose in a book and a carb in her hand, the extroverted "yes-woman" of this dynamic duo.


Sarah Miller, expert wine drinker, chocolate taster, and Pike Place Market Fishmonger wife; when she isn't out exploring she can be found binge watching Netflix with her best friend, Maggie (Maggie is a dog and that is okay). 


Together we form a team who has spent years eating, drinking, and poking our noses into every corner of the city we love and call home (as well as quite a few other places on this wonderful planet). We believe three things wholeheartedly: Pike Place Market is the greatest market on earth, our Pacific Northwest weather means you get ample opportunity to dance in the rain, and that the donut is ALWAYS worth the calories.

We are so glad to have you on our adventures!