Pike Place Market at Night

The flower stalls, the buskers, the flying fish. Pike Place Market by day is vibrant and alive. It's also the second most visited place in Seattle next to the Space Needle, so how do you visit Pike Place Market and escape the crowds? Well, one way is to go after 6:00 PM. The day-stalls will be all packed up and empty, so you won't be able to sample produce or buy fresh baked goods, but you can still have an amazing time, because The Market has a seriously legit night scene. You haven't fully experienced Pike Place without seeing it after the lights go down. 

The Pink Door 

The actual Pink Door (which is really more salmon in color, right?)

The actual Pink Door (which is really more salmon in color, right?)

The Pike Door is not only one of our all-time favorite restaurants, it also has amazing nighttime entertainment that comes in all shapes and sizes throughout the week. Every night this sweet Italian restaurant in Post Alley hosts talented acts to entertain and awe their guests. Our favorite are the aerialists on Sunday and Monday nights - they literally swing over your head as you enjoy your pasta - it's insane and awesome. They are also well known for their Saturday night burlesque and cabaret shows - which is the only night the acts come at an additional cost. Tuesday - Friday nights are for live music and make for a crazy romantic vibe. Check out their entertainment page to plan your next fun night out (reservations encourages)!

Unexpected Productions

Unexpected Productions

Unexpected Productions is the oldest improv theater in Seattle and is located in the historic Market Theater in Post Alley. These guys are responsible for making people laugh in Seattle for 20+ years, and they also inadvertently started The Gum Wall - Seattle's most colorful and disgusting tourist attraction. We did an entire post on these guys because we love them so much (read more here). We love that no two shows here are alike, it makes the show you see feel that much more special and the artists are all so talented they will have your cheeks hurting by the end from laughing so hard. Check out their calendar to plan your night out. 

Can Can

Can Can

Nobody does Cabaret better than the performers at Can Can. This incredible intimate theater is tucked under The Market and allows you to feel transported while you watch the show. They create very high-quality, high-class (subjective...haha) shows that switch every few months or so. You can expect singing, dancing, acrobats, and all sorts of amazing feats of athleticism. You always know you are in for a new, creative treat when they roll out a new show and we would encourage everyone to add this place into their regular line up for the year, right up there with the big hitter plays at the Paramount and concerts at Key Arena. Check out their show schedule to get inspired and add some zing to your routine!

Insider tip: if you are celebrating a special occasion, such as a birthday, you can pay extra to have your person pulled up on stage and humiliated (in the best kind of way, of course). 

Bars, Bars, and more Bars

The curated wine selection at JarrBar

The curated wine selection at JarrBar

Beyond shows there are a ton of great bars to check out at Pike Place Market to have a fun night out. Kells is an Irish Pub with some crazy events throughout the year - St. Patricks Day is obviously the blow-out. Jarr Bar has a cool, relaxed vibe and cocktails that will make you want to kiss the bartender. Raditator Whiskey is a great spot to warm up with some whiskey flights. We love going to White Horse Trading Company, a very dark and cozy British pub where you can get Pimm's Cup. And The Tasting Room is phenomenal if you want to sample some of Washington's finest wines. There are about a million more, depending on what time you arrive and what you like to drink! Feel free to email us for recommendations! 

7 Seattle Specialty Shops for Foodies

One of the things we love most about Seattle is the seemingly endless options for grocery shopping. It always feels like no matter how obscure of an ingredient you need for a recipe, you can always track it down somewhere in the city. And, there have been countless times we have traveled to a foreign country and brought home a food product as a souvenir only to find that same product at a local shop! So, after much research and food sampling, here are our recs for the best specialty food shops for those of you who like to experience something other than Safeway.

Viet Wah

Viet Wah

Everyone knows that Uwajimaya is the premiere Asian grocery store, but just down the street is an overlooked, but equally awesome store called Viet Wah. It's smaller than its neighbor, but still has a vast selection of Asian import products for a fraction of Uwajimaya's cost. We especially love their produce selection, which has all sorts of interesting fruits and vegetables such as Bitter Melon from India, Lotus Root, Patola, and Taro Root. We don't know how to cook with any of those things, but we like that we have the option should the need arise! The store also has a nice wellness section with a variety of whole ginseng root and household items like teapots, candles, gift cards, and Buddha statues.

Scandinavian Specialties

Scandinavian Specialties

Scandinavia, that region of the world that includes Denmark, Norway and Sweden, has a strong presence here in the Northwest, and Scandinavian Specialties caters to all of your northern European needs. They have a nice selection of meat including lamb, Swedish meatballs (you don't have to drive to Ikea for these!), sausages, and smoked fish. They also have tins of fish, condiments, jams, and the greatest cracker in the world, Lefsa. They also have a small deli where you can grab a sandwich to go (we recommend the open faced lox and hard boiled egg sammie!). It's also so much more than just a grocery store! They have a huge selection of gifts perfect for your Nordic Uncle that you can never figure out what to buy during the holidays. They sell everything from clothing, to dishes, to books on Vikings. Holiday shopping handled.

DeLaurenti Food & Wine


DeLaurenti is a staple in Pike Place Market. It has been on the corner of First and Pike since 1946, and it is hands down our favorite place to browse and waste time. You could fill an hour easily looking at all the Italian specialty products. The shop is filled with Italian imports including high-end olive oils and vinegar, pure chocolate bars, pasta, and little tins of olives, fish, and beans. Their deli is a great place to grab cured meats and the best cheeses as well as a small selection of deli sides (we can't get enough of their stuffed peppers and dolmas). Hungry for lunch? They also have sandwiches, salads, and treats (plus a espresso machine for coffee) in the front of the store with a bit of seating. The best kept secret, though, is at their upstairs wine cellar where they hold a large selection of wine for purchase. There are a few tables there, and if you buy a bottle, they'll open it for you, give you some wine glasses, and let you drink it while hanging out. It's a great spot for resting while shopping the busy market, and not many people know about it so the tables are rarely taken. 

El Mercado Latino

El Mercado Latino

The hot sauce selection is reason enough to go to El Mercado Latino located in Pike Place Market, but you'll also be pleasantly surprised by the wide selection of Goya beans, produce that includes jicama, and bags and bags of dried peppers. The spice selection is ON POINT and includes your standard chili powder and cumin to your much more obscure Agar Agar powder and Boldo leaves. They even have Beer Extract Powder. We've never heard of this before finding it here, but we are going to start cooking with it immediately. In addition to the groceries, they have a restaurant where you can get typical Latin food like burritos and tortas. 

Paris-Madrid Grocery

The Spanish Table and Paris Grocery have joined forces to bring you the new Paris-Madrid Grocery, which means it's now one stop shopping for both your French pate AND your Spanish jamon iberico. We truly love this store and hit it up often for no other reason than their truffled gouda.

Sidenote: a big perk of buying gouda for your next dinner party is that you can pull out the "This cheese is hella gouda" pun, you're welcome.

They sell all of the supplies you need to make a killer paella (including the pan!) if Spanish night is on your mind or French charcuterie and cheese if a Parisian picnic is more your jam. They have a large selection of wines from both regions as well as pottery, cooking gear, and cookbooks. 

Big John's PFI

Big John's PFI

Big John's is like a hybrid of DeLaurenti (see above) and Costco...Italian imports meet a big warehouse with bulk items. It's pretty much the best of both worlds. Located near the stadiums, Big John's as been around since 1971 bringing you all your favorite Italian products and many more you didn't know you needed. Here you can find bulk olive oil, a wide range of flavored vinegars, a large cheese counter, cured meats, and pasta. Oh, the pasta! Lots and lots of pasta in every shape and size. For example, we didn't know we needed Farfalline (teeny tiny butterfly shaped pasta) until we saw it at Big John's. They also have wheel shaped pasta. We aren't exactly sure why, but pasta always tastes better when it's wheel-shaped. You can also find pantry staples, bulk spices, chocolate, and Italian wines. Sign us up.

Goodies Mediterranean Market

This Mediterranean market is not going to win any beauty awards. In fact, you probably would drive right past it on Lake City Way, but if you do stop, you'll be rewarded with amazing Middle Eastern products from Lebanon, Turkey, Palestine, and Iran. They carry nuts, dried fruit and beans, sadif spices, tahini, and a wide selection of oils. There is also a good amount of pickled things, and who doesn't love pickled things?!?! The best part is there is a small restaurant in the shop, which serves shawarma doner kebabs, sandwiches, and flatbreads - get the one seasoned with zaatar!

We want to know - what is your favorite speciality shop in Seattle? Leave us a comment so we can check it out!

Seattle Brewery Tour: North Seattle

It's true that when you think of breweries north of Downtown Seattle your mind usually goes right to Ballard. Lucky for all of us they aren't the only neighborhood up there to have some kickass beer. Spread across the various smaller neighborhoods in North Seattle - think Ravenna and Greenwood - there are breweries working hard to hold their own against all the big ones in Ballard when it comes to quality of beer and atmosphere. Head out on an adventure to find some great hidden spots and enjoy some more of Seattle's great craft beer. 

Note: If you're planning a brewery crawl we want to mention they aren't all within walking distance. So, if you plan to go to all in one day, budget for Lyft rides! 

Ravenna Brewing Company  

Ravenna Brewing Company

Ravenna Brewing Company is nestled on a side street off of 55th Ave and has a small, charming set up. With colorful tiles decorating their taps and small tables scattered around their little tasting room, they offer a funky place to grab a pint. Their patio is great for summertime drinking, and it's also partially covered so even when those pesky rains come, you can enjoy your beer with some fresh air. They usually have some pretty cool beers on tap that aren't your average listings, like unique fruit flavors or barrel aged beers. 

And to elevate it a bit, they also have board games and card games to keep you entertained while you sip on their award-winning beer with friends and family, which we always love! They also win extra points for food trucks - usually they have some fine dining rolled up right outside for your enjoyment. Nosh is on Fridays - just sayin.

Our favorite beer: Jalapeño Kolsch

Lantern Brewing

Lantern Brewing

We would have never found this brewery if we weren't writing/researching for the blog - which is one of the reasons we love this job so much! Lantern Brewing is tucked away up on 95th Street, off Aurora Ave. The street definitely leaves something to be desired, it is near Aurora after all, but even though it isn't a traditionally beautiful spot, it actually ended up being our favorite on this list! Why? Well first and foremost they are incredibly friendly, but on top of that their beer is tasty, and they often have food trucks or local food vendors come and serve up tasty grub to have with your beer! 

They have a huge space and when it's warm they can throw open their large garage doors and you can sit outside and play cornhole. 

The other thing we liked about these guys was they took a step away from what you so often see at other breweries in Seattle - IPAs and Pale Ales - and have a diverse, but seriously Belgian inspired list of beers. Since they have such a good variety we recommend getting a flight of tasters to start! 

Our favorite beer: Joliefolie

Naked City Brewery and Taphouse

Naked City Brewing

Naked City is located in Greenwood and is probably the most established spot on this list. With a huge location, it's an easy place to bank on getting a seat during the busy months and they also have a bar and grill with decent enough food if you want a full-service type of place. They lovingly refer to themselves as Greenwood's Town Hall and often represent that well, with a healthy mix of all types of people (kids are allowed - families take note!). 

If you cycled through the 34 rotating house and guest taps then you'd feel 1. drunk and 2. thoroughly satisfied. With that much beer there is bound to be an option to please everyone and if you have non-beer drinkers in the your group (which would mean you hang out with the wrong sort) then they have cider and wine as well! 

We love the newest addition to their space - a huge mural done by local Seattle artist Henry. It depicts two walruses drinking beer and always makes us smile. And what really drives this spot home for us is that they also have a dine-in theater! Check out their events page for all sorts of fun entertainment from comedy shows to burlesque to football showings!

Our favorite beer: Orange Blossom Special IPA

Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery

Flying Bike Brewing Cooperative

Flying Bike is one of those places that you feel the love right when you walk in. Do you know those places? The people inside look friendly, the vibe is right, the air is sweet and the beer tastes good! It's probably something to do that it's a coop - which means it's member owned and supports community and collaboration down to the core! 

When you walk in make sure to take in all the fun and creative bicycle decorations, including the tap handles that are actually bike handles (verrrrryyyy clever Flying Bike!). Their huge mural and extensive assortment of board games make our hearts sing...and we haven't even gotten to the best part. 

Flying Bike Beer

They have crazy amazing beer! Their lavender IPA changed the way we thought about beer. One time, the bartender mixed two beers together for us and it was glorious. I mean.. have you ever had anyone do that before? We hadn't. These guys know their beer. And they also know how to have a good time. It's what breweries are supposed to be!

Our favorite brew: Bike Rye'd Saison

Floating Bridge Brewing

Floating Bridge Brewing

This family-run brewery located on the edge of University District near I-5 says their beers are free-spirited and imaginative and we can say that we have to agree. Their Tropical Pale Ale doesn't seem to follow any rules and their cherry sour was unique and delicious for Fall. They also have all the right things to make their space a great place to gather and enjoy company including a giant projector for watching football, shuffleboard, board games (including our favorites Settlers of Catan and Bananagrams), and giant windows to let in lots of natural light. 

The staff here is helpful and down-to-earth. If you are look for a non-pretentious spot to enjoy good beer this would be one of our favorites to recommend. They also have one of the biggest tasters we have seen in town. It's in the shape of a bridge and holds five large tasters. We would encourage you to get one of these and sample a variety of what they have to offer on their menu! 

Our favorite brew: Tropical Pale Ale

Hellbent Brewing Company

Hellbent Brewing IPA

Hellbent Brewing is the farthest north on this list, but totally worth the drive! They are right on Lake City Way and because they are a little bit outside of the hustle and bustle of the city they have a ...wait of it... parking lot for customers! First plus! They also have an extremely cool patio with heaters and TVs to watch sporting events year round and food trucks pulled up to grab some food any night of the week. Second plus! Inside they have a huge space complete with a bar, additional space upstairs with games and comfy couches and lots of TVs. Third plus! We should also mention they are dog friendly so you get to drink while petting all the fluffy buddies. Fourth plus! But wait..one more! They have great beer too. 

See totally worth the drive! 

Our favorite brew: Hellbent IPA or any of their seasonal IPAs

Alright - that's North Seattle for ya. By the time we post this five more breweries will have opened in Seattle, so we see you all soon with more recommendations! Also - let's all do ourselves a favor and keep an eye out for delicious pumpkin beers, besides pumpkin pie it's the best part of fall! 


Big Four Ice Caves


We've been on a lot of hikes in Seattle - none as otherworldly as the Big Four Ice Caves. Situated just a two hour drive north of the city, in the Cascade Range, sits Big Four Mountain. A mountain that has a steep, black face on the north side, shading its base year-round which allows a beautiful and slightly terrifying natural phenomenon to occur - ice caves. That's right - big ole caves made of ice. 

Our pictures won't do this area justice, but we will try our best to describe the beauty to help them along. When you arrive at the hike, you will park and head up the trailhead. You'll find a pleasant, well maintained trail that is good for most skill-levels. Over the next mile you'll walk through the woods, over streams, and up small inclines. At the end of the short hike you'll be rewarded with your first views of the caves. From the end of the main trailhead they look small, dwarfed by the mountain. As you get closer you realize their size - these are the lowest elevation glaciers in the lower 49 states. They are massive and awe inspiring.

See photos as evidence. Amazinngggggggg, amiright?!


The caves are only visible late July through early October, so before you head out we recommend checking trip reports on WTA.org. We also have to mention that these caves are not structurally sound - if conditions aren't right they can collapse and due to their size this is something you do not want to be in there for - enter at your own risk and please please exercise caution while you explore this area. 

Beyond seeing the caves, this hike offers truly stunning scenery to take in as well. In the summer months the ice at the top of the mountain melts and creates a crazy amount of waterfalls - we counted 20 the last time we were there. Watching the water gush down the mountain and flow into streams at your feet is something you don't get to experience everyday. Add the beautiful trees (visit in late September, early October and you can see the bright yellows and reds of the leaves changing) and it really does seem to have it all in terms of PNW beauty. 


Note: Even in the summer months it's chilly here - wear layers and pack a rain jacket. If you need help deciding what to wear you can check out how Macklemore dressed when he visited (it's the snowing bit in the beginning).


Head up to check them out and let us know what you think!